Cambria County Memorials and Monuments

An unidentified individual once said, “Poor is the nation that has no heroes… shameful is the nation having them that forgets.”

Many communities across Cambria County have built and maintained War Memorials and Veterans Monuments to honor and remember their Heroes including those who have who have been killed in some 85 wars and military actions since our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence.

The purpose of the Sergeant First Class Raymond Richard Buchan Memorial Scholarship and Veterans Education Project is to not only honor and remember Sergeant Buchan but also to educate Americans, particularly young Americans, about the sacrifices of the courageous men and women who have proudly served in our nation’s Armed Forces.  We included the War Memorials and Veterans Monuments from Cambria County on this website as a tribute to the brave men and women from Cambria County who have made such incredible sacrifices for their fellow Americans.  May we always remember the heroic deeds of these great Americans!

We hope you enjoy this virtual tour of the War Memorials and Veterans Monuments of Cambria County.  And most importantly, may you never forget the incredible sacrifices of those to whom these memorials and monuments are dedicated.