Memorial/ Monument: Bakerton

Location:  990 Deveaxu Street, Bakerton, PA

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Information:  The flagpost contains two flags, the US Flag and the POW-MIA Flag.  The base contains the description: “DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF THOSE WHO MADE THE SUPREME SACRIFICE AND IN HONOR OF ALL WHO SERVED OUR COUNTRY IN TIME OF NEED.”  There are also two brass (now green) Gatling Guns to the left and right of the base.

Perhaps the most interesting and unique part of this memorial is the fact that it did not always look like it does today.  The current Monument dedicated to Veterans of all Wars was erected in 1968.  The total cost came up to $1786.81, mostly through fundraising.  A photo of the previous monument is below.

(A very special thanks to Mary Inzana for the black and white photograph)