New Photo Viewing Plugin

I have added a new Plug-In (NextGEN) that allows for easier viewing of photograpshs.  Expect all the photos to be converted soon.



2 thoughts on “New Photo Viewing Plugin”

  1. As someone who has been active in veteran’s concerns since my return (thank you God) from Viet – Nam in 1971, and as a fellow Boy Scout, I offer heartiest thanks to Scout John Minnick for his sterling efforts regarding the creation of this site and a deep appreciation of the work involved.
    A full understanding of the hardships and sacrifice of those who put it all on the line when called upon should lead to a realization of every concerned and appreciative citizen
    that the entry into conflict is to be weighed heavily and not embarked upon without a commitment on the part of all of us to, on a daily basis, be aware of the hardships entailed by our women and men, fellow citizens, in the Armed Forces.
    May such an awareness create in us a deep revulsion of war, as it did among many in my Father’s generation, and lead to the end of this aspect of human history.
    The advent of terrible weapons and the unimaginable consequences of their deployment should hasten our determination, and the world’s, to find other paths to resolve conflict.

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